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Our analytics assessment will provide practical advice that you can use to improve your performance, whatever industry you are in.

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Develop a road-map for data-driven success Strategic thinking, assessment, and planning come in all sizes. From health-checks to multi-year plans we deliver results-driven strategies regardless of where you are in the data and analytics life cycle.

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We have a proven track record of implementing successful projects that help organizations discover the depth and breadth of their corporate knowledge and use it to innovate, create and take insightful action.

Managed Services

We provide a natural continuation from the value derived from our projects, or we can simply pick up from where you are today.

Analytics Assessment

Data and Analytics Strategy

Project Delivery and Implementation

Managed Services


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Predicting package pricing for hospitals

The hospital faces the challenge of identifying the key factors that drive the total cost of treatment so that it can quote an appropriate price to the patient.

Customer analysis at leading E-commerce stores

The main challenge in calculating the lifetime value of customers of e-commerce companies is that the exact life of the customer is unknown.

Analytics Empowering Agriculture: Agro Tech Companies

The major dilemma for the founder of Agro Tech firm is to either prove or disprove several claims about plant diseases, that are prevalent among the farmers.

HR Analytics for Talent management Companies

Analytics could possibly help in identifying the key drivers that influence a candidate in either joining/not-joining a company after accepting the offer, as it would largely help clients save both cost and time.

Customer Analytics for a leading Online Grocery – Product Recommendations

It is a common phenomenon that customers forget to place the order a few grocery items so the team wanted to create a “Smart Basket” that would make placing orders easier for their customers and “Did you forget?” feature that would identify the items the customer may have forgotten to order.

Predicting Net Promoter Score (NPS) to Improve Patient Experience at Major Hospitals

Collecting Net Promoters Score (NPS) and tracking the trend of NPS was an integral part of patient care, it provides a gold mine of information which can be used to improve patient care. Also, NPS could be pivotal to understanding the deficiencies in the system and improving it.

Warranty forecasting for an automobile company

For the better management of the inventory of spare parts, analytics can forecast the claims being made for spare parts of 2-wheelers.

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